Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last night at work was TERRIBLE. The worst shift waitressing in the history of waitressing.

I got to work and all was well. A fairly quiet evening, a few tables here a few tables there. Heather and I were the only ones working - which was fine because it was not very busy. (Heather is also a manager). I'm just doing my thing, serving tables etc and then a group of fourteen - 14 - people come in and Heather puts them in my section. GAK. 14 people is a lot of people. Now usually when you get a big table like that you don't have to serve any other tables - or maybe just one or two other tables, because big tables take a lot of work. WELL it just got busier and busier and busier. I kept having to take tables and I was SUCH a horrible waitress. I totally forgot about one of my first tables that was on the other end of the restraunt from my section. I forgot to put in orders, people were being annoying and ordering things like a Bocca burger with fried mushrooms, but raw onions instead of fried onions, three pickles, no tomato, mustard not mayo and swiss instead of jack cheese. It makes for a lot of writing and punching into the computer. It was terrible and I was getting more and more stressed out.

And the other staff that came in to help with the rush was mean to me. I was going crazy. Tables were harping and yelling at me and giving me looks and just being rude. It was terrible.

WELL, I stopped by this old couples table to see if they were done their appetizer and unfortunately for me (or them) they had been done for a LOOOOOOOONG time and were really upset that food hadn't come. They had ordered a hot dog and chicken fingers. (Don't ask me why). ANYWAYS, the woman stood up and tore a strip off of me. As she was doing this I was just standing there with my hands full of plates. I had had enough.

I SLAMMED the plates on her table (so hard that they broke) and yelled in her face.
"Well! If you don't like it you can make your own freaking chicken nuggets at home. What kind of an adult orders a hot dog at a resturant anyways! We don't even serve hot dogs! Its not even on the kids menu. AND WHAT are all of you looking at!?!?!?!?!!!" (Everyone was looking at me now) "What the hell (yeah I swore) are you looking at? You think you are SOOOO much better than them? Its busy in here. If you have to waith 2 minutes for your coffee than SUCK IT UP. And what kind of person brings fourteen people to a resturant without a reservation. That is the most dummest, inconsiderate rude mean horrible thing to do. Didn't your mother teach you anything? And you! We don't serve cranberry pie so GET OFF MY BACK." By this time the staff members had come over to get me out of there. I pushed them away "Get off of me girl. You don't want to do that. You don't think that I don't know that the bosses are breaking employment laws! Yeah thats right everybody - this place breaks employment laws. But we are all so dumb that we don't stick up for ourselves. We just let it happen because we are young and desperate for money. We don't do anything because we are blessed to live in a country that forces us to pay out the nose for a higher post secconday education so we can get a good job and pay the loans back the rest of our life. Yeah, good jobs, waitressing. What a crock. ARRRG. AND you can't tell me what to do, I quit two weeks ago. This is my last shift, I can just leave and you can't do anything. You all suck."

Then I woke up.
It was all a dream.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

worlds dumbest criminals - kamloops version

I thought you would get a kick out of this story.

Well on Wednesday night some punk teenagers broke into my church and totally trashed it. They trashed and spray painted all over the Youth Pastors office, they spray painted the Youth Room, they threw computers and tvs off the balcony, just made a total mess. However, they did have time to make themselves some juice, so we think they were familiar with the church if they knew enough to do that. Here is what they stole: They took a microphone case – took out the expensive microphones and filled the case with walkie talkies, a handful of loose change, some Pepto Bismal, and a bottle of Robitussum DM they also took two guitars that actually had value.

That is kinda funny. I mean Pepto Bismal? My friend Tiersa says it was because they knew they were going to feel convicted afterwards and feel sick about what they had done.

We did catch them though. Here is the good part of the story. In the middle of trashing the Youth Pastors office, they accidentally hit the speed dial on his phone – and called his house! So in the middle of the night his wife asked him, “why is your office calling me right now?” The punks were on speakerphone and when Kim and Dave heard what happened he got on his cell with the RCMP and started driving to the church. They totally got caught in the act! Isn’t that hilarious. I mean talk about the world’s dumbest criminals. They CALLED the pastor in the middle of their trashing spree!!!!!!! A little humor in the stress of what happened. I’ve had many a good laugh about it. It’s totally cool how our security system was going in next week, and out God-system protected our butts, AND gave us the opportunity to laugh.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TWO HEAD is Causing Quite the Stir.

I don't know if I ever told you HOW I got in the newspaper with Two Head the Fish. WELL people, it was this blog. Someone from the Kamloops Daily News was reading my blog, read that post and thought it would be a good story. I thought it would all end after they sent the super cute reporter to interview me and Two Head.

Like usual, I was wrong.

Apparently there is an irate fisherman in Idaho that read the article too.

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Mar 16 2007


I bring a great deal of tourist dollars into your economy every year when I come up to fish for B.C. salmon.

This is money you would not have if not for people like me.

Now I read in your paper that there are two- headed salmon in B.C. (‘A two-headed fish tale being told at Kamloops Christian,’ March 7).

The question I have for your Department of Fisheries is this: If there are two-headed salmon in B.C., then why are you forcing me to use one single-barb-less hook?

At least in the United States, our government makes hunting and fishing fair so everyone, even kids, get a chance for a kill.

This does not seem fair to me.

If there are two-headed salmon, I should at least be allowed to use two hooks.

R. Cruse

Boise, Idaho

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two weeks of March Break make Nikki a very happy girl. ALTHOUGH I was already bored by Monday night. I decided then and there that I was going to keep occupied as much as possible - with lots of relaxing in the form of Gilmore Girls Season Six. I also was determined that before the winter season was over, I was going to learn some basic snowboarding moves AND how to use stupid T-Bars. Basically my snowboarding method of the year was to go down the hill as slow as possible without falling. I got really good at that. Really! But people made fun of me. So I needed to 'up' the skills if you know what I am saying.

I went out yesterday - the perfect day, 18cm of fresh snow, warm, sunny, and a Tuesday so no lines. And after 2 hours on the bunny hill I not only mastered the dumb t-bar, but I learned how to 'carve' (an 's' type of turn using the heel edge and/or toe edge of a snowboard) Which is pretty much is the second basic maneuver after not falling.

This is a picture of me yesterday.

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Or maybe it is a picture off the internet. I'll let you guess which one it is!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It all started Friday afternoon. Parent teacher interviews were done for another term and March Break was just around the corner. I wanted, nay, NEEDED to do something. And I needed to do something that was not in Kamloops. I knew Tiersa would be up to do pretty much anything - because the two of us always like to have fun. We argued about pranking people for a while, debated the low points of Kamloops and how our whole group of friends is stuck in the rut of coffee and movies being the only thing we ever do. I was determined to do something different. Three hours later we were on our way to Merritt British Columbia. People from this area know about Merritt. For my home-boys in Ontario, lets just say it is comparable to Clinton. So much in fact that minus all the cowboys walking around, it pretty much was an exact replica. Including a Peopo's Family Restaurant, Stedmans, Triangle Discount and one stoplight.

Tiersa took me to her favourite restaurant where we dined one some fine cuisine and then I suggested a tour of the Merritt Walk of Stars. (It's what the Radar is to Clinton.) We also looked at the town's various murals (doesn't Clinton have a Mural Tour? )We spent some time looking for 'the lookout' but were unsuccessful even though apparently there is a big flag at the top and it is impossible not to find it. We ate a fun dip, listened to plenty of S Club 7, Backstreet Boys, 98degrees and Hilary Duff.

All in all, it was pretty much the perfect date. Except that Tiersa is not a cute boy and... well I'm pretty sure that "loves S Club 7" is not on my list of things that makes a boy attractive.

Here's some pictures
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Me and Kenny Rogers

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Look out Nicole Kidman. Tiersa is all over your man... well his hand print...

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I could totally be a Dixie Chick

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Paul Brandt is nice. So is Tiersa.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Was Jesus in the Oven?

An article found in the Kamloops Newspaper - And I promise you, it is worth the read right to the end.

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Mar 09 2007

Was Jesus in the Oven?

The Lord is said to work in mysterious ways — and for Aaron Frazer, the mystery intensified seven days ago while he was roasting peppers at his own work at Cowboy Coffee on Victoria Street.

It was then — last Friday around noon — that the 28-year-old cook first witnessed what he claims is a relief of Jesus Christ, etched out roughly on a baking sheet by the burnt run-off from roasting red peppers.

The peppers are used in the downtown Kamloops establishment’s sandwiches.

“I looked at it and I thought it looked like something,” Frazer told KTW on Wednesday while taking a time-out from kitchen duty.

“Then after a while, I thought it looked like Jesus. I asked my co-worker and she agreed.”

Spurred by the tale of a Florida woman who four years ago sold for $28,000 a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich that had (apparently) the face of the Virgin Mary burnt into it, Frazer got to believing he could turn his own little miracle into a small fortune.

Shortly after the discovery, Frazer had the baking sheet posted for sale on eBay, where he is hoping it will pocket him a sizeable purse.

He has since acquired as a businesses partner, a co-worker in anticipation of the pay day.

Bidding will start at $49.99 US, with some of the proceeds going toward covering the replacement cost of the baking sheet, estimated at about $20.

Pepper seeds baked onto the cooking sheet will go for extra.

“I haven’t checked it recently, but the last time I did there was one hit and it was from Kyle (his co-worker),” Frazer said, adding his boss has been supportive of his ambitions.

“[I’m hoping] for as much as possible and maybe a movie deal.”

As of press time, there had been zero bids on the “miracle” baking sheet.

Opportunist? Fraudster? Zealot?


But Frazer thinks there might be someone watching over him.

The day the image of Jesus “appeared,” Frazer chanced upon a $10 note on the sidewalk.

“Praise the Lord,” he said.


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Aaron Frazer with the holy baking
sheet. The Kamloops cook is offering
the Son of God for sale on eBay

Ok. When I heard this story. I LAUGHED. I mean come on! So my coworker and Leanna and I decided that this 'amazing' 'miracle' story deserved a little field trip after school. And so without further ado. Here is some pictures of our pilgrimmage to see the holy pan.

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We may or may not have told the guys that worked there that we were miracle investigators. And by that I mean we told them we were miracle investigators.

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I can definitely see how it resembles Jesus.

Check it out on e-bay of you want:

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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A two-headed fish tale being told at Kamloops Christian School
Mar 07 2007

A little fish that has captured the imagination of students at Kamloops Christian School (KCS) has beat the odds — again.

The salmon fry became the talk of the school when it hatched and teachers and students noticed in disbelief two heads protruding from one body.

Maybe the fish, aptly named Two Head by the students, was shy of the gawking onlookers or just adjusting its four eyes to its tank in the school hallway, but it fell into a deep hibernation.

“They just sat on the bottom,” said Nikki Gerrits, whose Grade 2 class monitors the tank full of fry. “So we thought they were dead.”

That’s right — they, as in two.

“It is two fish, but they are like two conjoined twin fish,” explained KCS’s associate principal Karen Chupa.

“We’ve been kind of waiting for them to die, but they haven’t.”

But just as Gerrits was preparing the toilet bowl, this week the fish showed signs of life.

“I was checking on the fish with one of the students and it was just sitting in the corner and we thought it was dead,

“But then its gills moved,” she said.

Now Two Head swims vigorously, if somewhat awkwardly, since the two bodies appear to swim in opposite directions, around the tank — to the amazement of Gerrits’ class.

The fish are part of the school’s salmon project, a joint venture between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Gerrits’ class and Monique Kourtzman’s Grade 5 class.

The DFO donated the eggs and the students took charge of the incubation process. The students will release the fish into the wild in May.

Whether Two Head will join his comrades remains to be seen.

A fish biologist told the class its likely one body will die and fall off, leaving its twin to explore the great blue deep alone.

“It’s a two-headed fish. One fish is alive and one fish is dead,” said Grade 2 student Noah Kourtzman, with his nose pressed against the tank.

But Two Head has more immediate problems. Come feeding time, the lack of co-operation between Two Head’s two halves leaves both stomachs empty as the other fish gobble up the food.

Still, the future looks bright for Two Head. As it careened erratically around the tank, Gerrits remarked its the most movement she’s ever seen out of the fish.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Teacher’s assistant Leanne Kohnke
tries to capture a two-headed fish
that is the talk of Kamloops Christian.
The amazing fish is a bit too small to
be captured by the camera, but it’s in
this tank, swimming merrily with its

Monday, March 05, 2007

I've known I'm 'one sexy amazon' for years. NOW I can prove it.

You Are Wonder Woman

A true goddess, you have the strength and skills to rule the world.
You're one sexy amazon... all of the superhero guys are fighting over you!

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Diploma Conniption

When I was in third year my good friends Karmyn, Christy, Sara-Beth and Kim started a book of conniption fits. There was the "I hate Stats class conniption" the "shopping cart gave birth to an egg conniption" the "Christy and James are dating conniption" (which involved rigorous tree shaking).

Two days ago I had the "Diploma Conniption" which is also known as the "Class Composite Conniption". My parents just returned from Ontario where they brought me a suitcase full of stuff that I had in storage. Some of my most prized possessions - my Poland outfit, my puffalump, some books and.... after 2 years in a box, my university Diploma and Class Composite.

I was looking through the composite, seeing all my old friends. I was going down the rows, Faraghalla, Geleynse, Giesbrecht. WHAT! It's supposed to be Geleynse, Gerrits, Giesbrecht. All through college it was Geleynse, Gerrits, Giesbrecht. Two of my best friends on either side of me and now they left me off the class composite!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I was the Recreation Centre Coordinator! I was on the Activities Committee! I was a sound system technician! I was on a praise team! I was an RA roomate! I started all the funny staff nicknames! My auntie is the Assistant Registrar! What more do I need to do to get on the class composite!!!

Then I remembered. I was in the Education Department. And my picture is at the top.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Remember how I said that Two-Head the Fish died? He's still alive! He just can't swim so we thought he was dead!