Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know, I'm feeling good right now.

Six hours ago.... not so much. I've pretty much been on the verge of "I'm going to throttle anyone who bugs me" for the last few days. This type of attitude usually is met with me curling in a fetal position on the couch of the staff room every lunch, and dangerous items such as pencils and scissors need to be taken away from me. Don't even get me started with what I could do with a geometry set!

But right now - it's 6:13 pm. Vanessa made us supper and we sat down together like real friends and sisters and just laughed and giggled and ate. We did the dishes and the house is clean other than the creative clutter of my craft area. I'm sitting on the couch looking at the beautiful view in my backyard as a breeze washes over me. I'm on facebook looking at funny things and getting messages from my Barkerville friends who are all trying to find me a place to live this summer when I go back for another epic season.

And this afternoon it was warm. Not stifling hot as it tends to get this time of year, but warm and sunny with a breeze. I came home after an exhausting-pencils-in-my-eyeballs-and-yet-strangely-fulfilling-and-ok type of day, put a blanket on the freshly cut grass in my yard, read a novel and fell asleep.  It was relaxing and wonderful.

And then an ant crawled up my nose.

But I don't care. I'm still relaxed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

M y students
A re constantly crazy and annoying as they
Y earn for the end of the school year.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Proud FIVE

Laundry Room

One of the downsides of being poor is that I do not have my own house. I want one. So bad. And the thing that happened last Saturday made me want one even more.

If I had my own house, I'd have my own washing machine and dryer.

I wouldn't have to share. With anyone. Especially strange boys.

Normally doing laundry in our shared laundry room is not a problem for me. Sure it's annoying to walk 500 yards to the room carting bags of laundry (because lets face it, I'm not organized enough to set aside one night a week for laundry, so when I do get around to it, I have three loads to do). Making sure I have the right change is also always a challenge, but I've been doing my laundry like this since College. (I just realized that was 10 years ago. Ok, now I REALLY want my own house). USUALLY I can do my laundry, things are fine, I never run into anyone awkwardly, all is good.

If you are unaware, laundry room ettiquite means that if you do not get to your laundry as soon as your load is done, if someone else needs your machine, they are allowed to take your laundry out and put it on the counter so they can use the machine. This is normal. I accept this. And 100% of the time our laundry room is so quiet that it is never a problem.

Until last Saturday.

When it became a problem.

I was late getting to the dryer and as I walked in I saw a man removing my laundry from the dryer so he could use it. I sheepishly told him that it was mine and proceeded to load it into my laundry bag.

A problem?

See... I probably wouldn't have been so awkward, embarrassed or sheepish if it was just a regular load of laundry. But this load was 100% "delicates" if you know what I'm saying.... I'm a single, quite modest, young lady and the stuff that man was touching was stuff that no one has ever seen or touched except me.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

I have honestly opened up a new blog post pretty much every day for the past two weeks. But I have nothing to write.

Nothing to write. Because I'm bored. With everything related to my life. But I'm not going to get into that today. Instead, I'll share with you a few things that have been said to me, by students in my class this week.

"Pick that up woman!"
"It's not our fault you are getting old."
"School ruins a perfectly good weekend."
"And my cousin Peter is old. He was born in 1985."

Oh they make me chuckle.