Sunday, June 30, 2013

He got fired. Weird.

Niagara Falls. June 29, 2013. Possibly the nicest picture of me ever. :D
You know, I have been to Niagara Falls a few times over the course of my life and it never ceases to amaze me how... well... amazing it is.

This cataract pumps over 900 000 cubic feet of water per second! And that is only 1/3 of the flow it is capable of! The other 2/3 of it is diverted to produce hydro electricity for Ontario and New York State. It has an amazing history which I won't bore you with right now, but if you ever get the chance to come to Ontario, make sure you stop in Niagara Falls. Oh yes, it is a complete tourist trap, it totally is, but it's worth it to go there at least once in your life.

On Saturday night my two besties from University and I headed to Niagara for an evening of laughing, walking, friendship and our traditional Possee Pizza. (Shout out to Pizza Dave who got us hooked).

 Possee Pizza started during university. The years when students tend to be unhealthy and not think that eating pizza regularly at 2am was probably not a good idea. We'd all be studying or working or having pillow fights (because that is what girls in university do all day long) and one of us would suggest a Pizza Pizza run. We'd load up the car and head to Pizza Pizza and our best bud Pizza Dave who would let us make our own pizzas, give us free dipping sauces and pop and generally let us have the run of the Pizza Pizza store he worked at. And then one day Pizza Dave wasn't there. He got fired. Weird.

Pizza Pizza only exists in Ontario. So every time I come back, we three head out for our Possee Pizza Special - chicken, feta, sun dried tomatoes. A delicious tradition.

I love my friends. I love that they are hosting me, and caring for me, and love me, and are taking time off to spend time with me while I'm here. They make me happy.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Only Porn Stars Rollerblade

 My friend was laughing at me today telling me that I needed to blog more. She was saying that she checks my blog regularly and yelled at me, "I get it, Vancouver Kills Your Soul, write something else!" I laughed and looked around and said, "Well, I could write one called 'Why Toronto Kills My Soul."

Only it doesn't.

It has revived me, and my joy.

I arrived in Toronto at 11pm on Wednesday night after a fairly uneventful 6 hour journey from Kamloops. (Isn't it astounding that I can get across the country in six hours?) My first year college roommate and ten-year-friend of awesomeness Jacci picked me up and was stoked to play tourguide to me regardless of the fact that I grew up three hours from Toronto and have been there many, many, many times. We stayed up late giggling and talking and the next morning after a really sweaty run through High Park we headed out to be tourists.

Side note: It is ridiculously humid here. My curly hair loves it, my skin doesn't and is breaking out, AND I find it ridiculous that I wake up with a cold shower, and before even getting dressed you can literally SEE beads of sweat on my nose and forehead.

Anyways, Jacci and I tourist-ed it up with a stop at Old Fort York which has buildings dating back to the war of 1812. We wandered around the site (which used to be right up on the water line - which is now over a km away), learned some things (did you know that an amputation used to take less than one minute to perform?), giggled and took some pictures (I'm convinced I have a picture of an orb. We even did research when we came home to see if it was.) I like this picture on the right because it is at the Fort, and the city of Toronto has been built right around it - or on top of it as you can see the Gardner Expressway.

After Old Fort York Jacci took me to The Distillery District, which is quite similar to Granville Island in Vancouver. Old breweries and distillery's and factories that have been turned into cutsey shops and boutiques and restaurants. Lunch, wandering, shopping, laughing, all things I enjoy.

We finished off our day with a super romantic, smog-filled, cloudy-sunset, walk down the boardwalk on the smelly shores of Lake Ontario where we laughed at rollerbladers. (Jacci says the only excuse to wear rollerbades is if you are in a porn movie or 1992, if you are not in either of those you shouldn't rollerblade). And to be fair, we didn't just laugh at rollerbladers, we also laughed at *that* tanned, ripped, guy who just HAD to go running with no shirt on.

So far I feel rested, relaxed, happy, positive, and stoked about life. Things I haven't felt for a long time. And better things are yet to come, I've only been here two days!