Friday, May 02, 2014

A Lofty Goal

It all started last year when I was thinking I was fit and healthy and doing pretty good fitness-wise. And I thought to myself, "Nikki, you should join a team sport." I never actually got around to it because after I said that to myself I realized a few things.

1. I suck at sports. All of them.
2. I'm not a very good "team player" as they say.
3. I really am no good at sports.
4. I have never been on a sports team. Other than T-ball when I was 6. Seriously never.  Because I am bad at sports and I never made the cut and eventually stopped trying.

Well anyways, last summer I enjoyed watching Arron play baseball with his team and I noticed that a few of the people on the team were... well.... mediocre players. And I thought to myself, "Ok Nikki, you probably aren't any worse than those players. You could do this!"  So all winter I pumped myself up to join Arron's team.

So I joined it. And I made myself one lofty goal. "To not be the worst one on the team."

Yup. I set very high standards for myself this season. And so far I either meet them, OR if I'm completely honest, I at least tie for worst which means I'm not the actual worst all by myself.

I'm glad I can laugh at myself and still participate. And I am being hard on myself because I don't like sucking at things. I like being good/awesome/the best at whatever I try (oldest child, type-a personality right here).  And truthfully Arron says I'm not that bad. He said, and I quote, "You were surprisingly average .... for a girl." But he loves me and wants to marry me so he has to say nice romantic things like that.

Anyways, I'll keep trying and learning and hopefully get to be third worst or something. That would be exiting! 

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Donna said...

I totally feel your pain, Nikki! (And I too, remember setting that same lofty goal back in high school softball.) :)