Friday, March 23, 2012


So a few months back Bethany and I were sitting around on a Sunday night
and we were super bored. Like so ridiculously bored we just wanted to cry. We
came up with the idea of starting 'a bored jar' which is basically a jar full
of random ideas that we came up with. Whenever we are bored, we pull an idea
out of it and we HAVE to do it. That's the rule. No looking at something,
deciding you don't want to do it and then putting the idea back. You have to do

We don't often pull the bored jar out. But we have a few times, and we do what
is on the paper no matter what. Like going for a walk - in a snowstorm.
Attempting headstands etc.

Today I was super bored. And after playing on facebook and pinterest for
about 400 hours and whining all day, Vanessa came over and plunked the bored
jar on my lap. I reminded her that we have to do whatever is written on the
paper. No tradesies.

Here is what I pulled out:

And so I did.
Yeah I did. One long cornrowed snake all the way around her head. AND not only did I keep occupied for 20 minutes, but Vanessa did her homework and now I have something to blog about!

Monday, March 19, 2012


This weekend I had the priviledge of MCing the wedding of these two people:
And it was awesome. The entire thing. I love Jon and Rachel and I love them even more now that they are married. And I love that at the ceremony, after she walked down the aisle, Rachel and Jon led the worship at their own wedding. I thought that was super classy and amazing. They love God and want us to as well. They are beautiful people inside and out. This picture was hilarious to take because Rachel and Jon had to talk to a million people, and we were just taking our own group shot and at the last second, Rachel ran over and dove into our picture. And then as we were laughing, we were trying to let Bethany down and I'm pretty sure someone got a good flash of her underwears because she did not get down very gracefully - which was entirely our fault.

And now we come to the "Matchy-Matchy Dresses" section. Where you get to see how three brilliant minds think brilliantly alike. Where Me, Bethany and Vanessa show up somewhere - once again - all dressed the same. I mean, we are gorgeous, but seriously, we need to stop dressing a like. We are adults.

And I also just realized, that apparently we all have similar dance moves. We like the head tilt, hands out to the side move.... And minus my totally wierd face in this picture, I think I'm totally hot.

Medieval Day

I know, I've been bad at blogging, but to make up for it I'm going to write two blogs today! Lucky you! I wanted to share with you some pictures from the "Medieval Day" that I had with my class on the last day before Spring Break. Our school theme this year is "Your Kingdom Come" and has been following a medieval theme. We've been learning the chivlary code and about what life was like back in the days of castles, princes and princesses. As part of an extension, a couple of my exceptional students worked together to plan the entire day. There was a costume contest, catapult building and contest, a banquet (with 'wine and champagne' in goblets), capture the princess game (capture the flag with about 20 barbies dressed as princesses), and we watched the Princess Bride. It was a really fun day, enjoy the pictures!

Building catapults. (the old fashioned way - with a glue gun)

These two were HILARIOUS. Seriously, everything they touched that day got ruined, spilled or broke. Totally by accident every single time, but when I finally got exasperated (the table cloth for the banquet somehow got tucked in his pants and when he walked away... well the whole table and all the food and drinks went with him), he looked at me and said "Miss. G! I can't help it. I'm drunk!"

The best costume ever. I also think it's funny that his dad - an RCMP officer, helped him make it. I asked to keep it, it could come in handy some days.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(Slap your hand to your forehead)
Because that's what I'm doing right now as I write about what made me do it earlier today.

Imagine the scene. I'm stopped at a random intersection in Kamloops. The light is red. A white SUV drives passed - covered in pink play-boy decals. There is a miniature puppy on the front seat, a bleached- blond -not -wearing- much cougar in the front seat. The back window of the SUV has been etched in pink swear words.


I actually slapped my forhead. Who is this woman?!?! Far be it from me to judge another (cough, cough), but seriously, who are you and what the heck in the world do you think you are doing? A play-boy vehicle? and secondly, a play-boy vehicle in KAMLOOPS?????

I mean it's one thing to have a play-boy vehicle if you live in Bel-Air, I'd maybe even let you get away with it in Miami, but Kamloops????? We are the definition of everything NOT american/californian/skanky.

Dear, dear, crazy woman. Let me give you the coles notes about Kamloops and then hopefully you will be able to see that your vehicle does not belong here.

1. One word for you. Canada. We live in Canada. Snow, cold, winter, pasty-skin, parka's. Nothing play-boy-ey about it.

2. We are the country captial of BC, if not Canada. 75% of the vehicles in Kamloops are trucks - with extra gas tanks on the back, and dirt. And dead deers in the back. Or dead... bunnies....

3. We are so country that we actually and literally have tumbleweeds blowing down our streets!

4. The only Heffner most of our people know about is that cute heifer over there on the ranch.

You are weird. There. I said it. Your pink-swear-word-play-boy-bunny-vehicle is awkward and out of place and doesn't belong in this town. I say it's time for you to high(bunny)tail it out of these parts and get yourself a respectable Ford F-350 like the rest of us (or a cute little Toyota - whatever your budget can afford).