Saturday, July 30, 2011

I haven't blogged for a while, and I'm always short on time these days, so here is the point form list of the happenings the last little while.

Yesterday I woke up and fox was sitting on the roof of my car.
It snowed last week.
It has rained every day since I got here.
I got told that I was a 'beauDiful prindsess' today by a little girl. That made me feel good.
There is an art/hippie festival going on right now and it is so full of BO, Dreads, random art, music, clowns and hippies. It's such a different culture and I'm actually enjoying observing it.
I had a dream that someone was trying to nuclear bomb Wells and Me and Vin Diesel had to save the town.
Flew to Vancouver last weekend for the Western-Gerrits Family Reunion. Good times.
Found my first ever Geo-Cache with my cousin.
Slept in my car for a night.
Miss my family and bestie.
Still happy and healthy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I actually AM Dr. Quinn

It happened this week.

I actually became Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

It all started the other day while I was at work in Barkerville. I'm all dressed up 1870's style, have excellent Victorian hair that day by the way, lace up boots, the corset, the whole deal. While I'm working I hear a shout outside on the street,
"Help! Someone help! What happened? Help!!!!"

I take a peek out the window and notice an elderly man laying on the ground. I yell for my boss to call for First Aid as I heft up my skirts and run out the door to assist the man in need. I fall to the dirt, my skirts (yes, plural, I'm also wearing petticoats), pooling in the dirt of the street around me as I assess the situation.

Long story short, after some calming words, some help up off the ground and away from the approaching stage coach (yes, stage coach), the man and his wife went on their way.

And I realized what I had done, who I had become, and smiled.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Worst Case Scenario

I'm a 'worst-case-scenario' type of person. I constantly am thinking about what the worst possible thing could happen, and how I would react should it actually occurr. Maybe it's all my first aid training or the fact that I'm generally just a responsible person, but my mind always jumps to how I would dal with a terrible situation. Here are some from this week.

Wednesday, I was driving to a great couple's home for dinner. They don't really know me, but are super nice and friendly and they invited me over. I knew that we were having rice noodles as part of the meal. I've never had rice noodles. What if I had an allergic reaction in the middle of dinner! We are out in the boon-docks and it would take an hour to get to a hospital. I would die. Would my life insurance still get divvied out, or would the company deny my family the money because technically I'm not teaching during July and August? Who would pack up my room here in Wells? Who would say my eulogy? Would anyone from Ontario fly out for the funeral? Where would my ashes be spread?

Then, after that panic attack I saw a MASSIVE moose on the side of the road. What if I hit it? and died - refer to above scenario.

Thursday, what if the touron (tourist-moron) that is smoking on the boardwalk (in the town made of wood btw), drops his butt and the town lights on fire? Do I have to help put it out? I haven't been trained in historical-village-fire-putting-out. What if my skirt gets on fire! It's synthetic, it'll probably melt to my legs and I'll have these nasty plastic blue-flowered legs the rest of my life. Do I just watch as the town burns down? Do I run away? Do I help clear out the shop?

Various times during the week, I'm out walking, biking or doing something in this sleepy semi-deserted town and I wonder, what would happen if I came across the resident grizzly bear and her2 cubs? She'd swipe my leg and I'd be all bleeding. Who would save me? No one comes out of their homes before 9am when I'm usually out and about. Would I use my sweater to staunc the flow of blood? It's polyester, would that just act as a sieve and pull out more blood making me bleed more? I don't want to use my super awesome, but also inappropriate Dirty Dancing T-Shirt that I'm wearing today! That was my best V V find ever!

Those are the thoughts that go through my mind when I'm awake.

What goes through my mind while I"m asleep you ask? Well last night me and Vin Diesel saved the town of Wells from a nuclear bomb attack.