Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Date: Feb 27 2006
Times: 6:49, 7:10, 7:25, 7:44, 8:07
Names: Esau, Domi, unnamed, unnamed, unnamed

They are so so so cute. How could anyone want to kick these little dogs. Little dogs are good - and they don't smell like big dogs do. The puppies are actually ugly right now, but in 4 weeks they will look like that picture.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm sorry that I have been obsessively stalking you since Thursday. I'm really not actually a scary person. Don't be afraid of me just because I have called you 21 times and texted you 12. I just miss having you in my life. You NEED to be my friend. You HAVE to be my friend. You don't have a choice. Remember - - I know things about you that if they got out..... and YOU KNOW that due to my high positions in the community people will be on my side. You think that YOU will win this little war? Its not even a war Tiersa, it is a Battle - a battle which you will LOOSE. Tiersa you are MY FRIEND and you will always be MY FRIEND. No body elses, just MINE. You should just accept the fact right now - it will save you later.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

That former Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is a Christian singer. I bought a new Christian worship CD and low and behold, everyones favourite backstreet boy had a single on it. Check out his webpage - it's pretty God centred.

Ferin and I are secret soul sisters. Last night at College and Careers (uhh I mean Cookies and Christ) I said
"Hey Ferin, want to see something funny on the internet?"
She responded "Yes! Do you U-Tube?"
"Of Course!" THEN she said the following:
"Have you seen Banana Hands???"
That was the EXACT video that I was going to show her. Now for those of you who like wierd random german-english videos that involve Banana's, milky pirates and chili - just click copy the following address into the search bar. WARNING: It is probably the stupidist thing you will EVER see.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Things I have VERY CREATIVELY had to avoid educating second graders about this week.

1. What a Urinal is.

2. What fertilization is (as in egg fertilization)

YES they really did ask me those questions.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yesterday was a sad day at Kamloops Christian School.

Two Head died.

Since October the elementary students at KCS have been raising salmon eggs, we watched them grow an eye, hatch and learn to swim. Yesterday, after a long and valiant struggle Two Head (I'll give you one guess why it was named that) died. Laying at the bottom of the fish tank, our favourite fish gave up its will to live, and passed on. I couldn't get a photo before the funeral-flush, but here is a picture of what could have been, had two-head survived.

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Yesterday I asked my sister if we knew yet for sure if our dog was pregnant. Her response:

"Yup. I milked her today"


Monday, February 19, 2007

I'd just like to state for the record that there is NOTHING good about Monday mornings.

or even Sunday nights when I know that tomorrow will be Monday morning.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Can you Interpret my Dream?

A few nights ago I had a dream that the world was going to end. The only way to be saved was to go scuba diving. But only three people wanted to go with me. And the two people that I really wanted to save by scuba-diving, who would LOVE to go scuba-diving period, didn't want to come. That was about 30 percent of my dream. The other 70 percent revolved around me trying to find the perfect scuba-diving outfit. I chose a purple one.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Messed Up Mind

Yesterday's Verse:

People who accept correction are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore it will lead others astray. (Prov 10:17)

Last night I was reminded (again) that waitressing is a thankless profession. We do get a lot of abuse from mean customers. Here is what happened and my response.

One of the men at one of my tables stood up - fingered me over and then YELLED at me for a solid minute about not filling up his coffee fast enough. Yelling I can mostly handle, but he threw in a few choice swear words as well. I returned with the coffee pot - throughly embarrassed because it was the height of the rush and everyone in the restaurant heard.

Yesterday in my devotions on of the questions to go with the above verse was: How open to discipline are you? I responded "I'm not very open to discipline because I think that I am right all the time." - Well I do, and forgetting this verse, and remembering how I think I am right all the time I told the man as I filled up his coffee cup that I was sorry I took so long with the coffee, but swearing at me was not the appropriate response and it was offensive to me.

NOW I couldn't just stop there. As my mind reeled around and around what had happened I was tempted more than once (ok, more than 10 times) to return to the table and give him a piece of my mind. The speech I made up in my head went like this.

"Sir, I know you are upset about the coffee situation but you have to understand that I have been working for 14 hours straight today. I dealt with 19 7 year olds all day and then came here to work. I work this much because I live in the best country in the world that unfortunately requires me to pay out the nose for a post-secondary eduction so I can work in a career I enjoy - but doesn't pay enough - which is why I am waitressing in the first place. IN ADDITION to working three jobs to pay off my student loans, I am also raising my two younger sisters." NOW all of that is true - except the last part that I mostly made up just for sympathy. My parents are in Ontario for a few weeks so in theory, I'm taking care of my sisters. But they are 18! I thought I should spread that sick rumor around to all my tables just to get more tips! I'm hopeless.

Here's a picture of the two sisters I am 'raising'

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Friday, February 09, 2007


I don't blog enough for those of you who care to keep up with my life. Here are some things that have been going on.

I threw a hissy fit last Thursday at Harper Mountain because I fell off the T Bar. I threatened to never snowboard again. I hate that thing. It's hard to use. I always get hurt. I'm going snowboarding tonight.

My Aunt Dianne, from Ontario randomly showed (shew? shewed? whats the past tense of to show?) up on our doorstep last weekend. We had fun celebrating my dads 51st birthday. He is officially over the hill now.

I miss Romania this week. La Mult an Debroah!

I'm looking for a summer job.

My sisters are awesome and I love them a lot.

Bethany S is still my favourite person in British Columbia - followed very closely by Tiersa.

While at MissionsFest in Vancouver two weekends ago I had the opportunity to hear from Gracia Burnham - (In the Presence of my Enemies) about her time in the Phillipines as captives in the jungle. VERY thought provoking. I also learned that Tiersa and I not only share our fettish of soft fruit, but we also must sleep on the right side of the bed, on our stomachs - and must be facing the door to fall asleep.

I'm storytelling at a festival next thursday night.

My dogs are knocked up. All the puppies will have the same father. They will all be born the same week. Captain Hook (the stud dog - his really name. Really.) was very confused when he came over to 'fulfill his duties'.