Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Score one for the Teacher!

So, I guess the rule is: in order to be a good blogger, you have to blog every day. I don't know that I agree, but I think a few times a week is sufficient.

Today I took my grade five class to Harper Moutain for a day of skiing and snowboarding. I promised them that if they chose to ski, that they would be skiing by themselves by lunchtime and be having a great time. I promised them that if they chose to snowboard for their first time, that they would not have fun or learn how to snowboard by the end of the day.

I'm a snowboarder. I like it a lot. But you have to be willing to invest some serious time into learning how to do it. At least three to four days of falling down and figuring out how it works. Every year there is one student who does not heed my (may I say expert) advice. Not to rub it in or anything (well... not too much anyways...) but he/she did not have fun snowboarding and switched to skiing after lunch. Bwahaaa. Score 1 for the teacher! Seriously people/students/everyone, sometimes (just sometimes) I actually do know what I'm talking about and you should listen to me.

I had a great day with myself and my students and the parents that came along. I got in some excellently wonderful runs, enjoyed being outside, didn't get hurt (too much... I mean I am pushing 30 now and am not as young and spry as I used to be). It was awesome to hang out with my students and help them learn a new skill and see their joy at their success. It was also awesome to have a free day skiing - that I got paid for. :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back Again

Three years later, I'm starting it up again because of the persistence of a few key people. AND luckily for them/you, I never, ever change my password so I was able to get back onto my blog. I'm actually really impressed with how far blogspot has come since I last used it. It is so easy to update and change and make look good. I started blogging before you could just 'click' on things. Back in the day when blogging was big (2005) you had to manually type in the commands for everything. Colours, locations, pictures had to be downloaded from a different site. It was not so easy.

So... back to the theme of my original blogs, it's simply going to be a digital version of me. Things I think are funny, stuff that happens, pictures, my life. I'm anti-anything boring, so my goal (as always) is to be amusing if not interesting.

As a welcome back to you ... my faithful three readers... I've put together a tribute to my favourite thing to do. Dressing Up. Most people stop dressing up at some point in their life. I don't. I think it is fabulous to dress up and pretend you are someone or something else.
Enjoy. Laugh. Comment.

Come on, I'm really cute!

This was when I went through my 'I want to be a real woman' phase. It lasted about 5 years. Then when I became a 'real woman' I realized that 'they' are not actually that exciting. Or handy.

This is the start of my 'Dr.Quinn' phase. It lasted 6 years. Wait. I can't lie... the truth is that I'm still in that phase.

The 'wanting to be Indian' phase.

I only vaguely remember this day. But it was fun.

Jacob Moon Day in Dorm 8. A LOT of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were involved in the decision to behave like this, and willingly get our picture taken.

Decade Dance

Cherry Creek Disco Party

Old Fort Langely
Value Village. I was contemplating starting a new teacher wardrobe that consisted of massive gaudy broaches and tacky/awesome sweaters.

Christmas Party Tacky Sweater Contest
80's party. I love this outfit and will keep it forever.
Murder Mystery Dinner
This past summer in Barkerville