Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Radio Super Star

It all started when my sister Vanessa was SUPER EXTRA grumpy after school yesterday. I wanted to make her happy so I was trying to be funny in the car - when a contest came up on the radio. All you had to do was call in and tell the radio guy what annoyed you most about the opposite sex. I called in - hoping that my side of the conversation would make Vanessa laugh - and it did. Here's how the conversation went:

"97.5, The Great Debate"
"Yes Hi, I'd just like to say that boys with chest hair growing up their neck are gross"
"You don't like a hairy man?"
"Not so much"
"You don't think a hairy man is sexy?"
"uhhhh no. I'm mean come on! Chest hair does not belong above the collar!"
"ouch, I"m offended."
"Oh, I'm sorry, but it really is disgusting."

And with those amazing words of pure wisdom - stating what all girls secretly do believe, I, Nikki Gerrits became a radio superstar.

Friday, January 19, 2007

definitly NO Dr. Quinn

Two weekends ago I went snowboarding at Sun Peaks Resort here in Kamloops. About 40 people went from the church jr. and sr. youth and college and careers. Lots of fun. But my foot started to hurt around lunch time. The next day it still hurt and continued to not only hurt - but get worse for the next five days. I convinced myself that I had broken one of the little bones in the foot. I was really excited for the next time when I played 2truths and a lie, because I could now use "I walked on a broken foot for a week" as one of my truths.

I went to the doctor. She was definitly no Dr. Quinn. My foot was only "inflamed" from excessive snowboarding and too tight bindings. JUST when I was finally getting good. (Ok. I'll be honest. I was getting not-super-extra-crappy.)

Friday, January 12, 2007


Music is always around and I have realized that I attribute certain songs to certain people. I was just thinking about that so here is a list of songs and the people they remind me of. NOW - the words of the song do not remind me of the person - the time the song came out and associating the person with that time is what reminds me of the person.

Ya-Ta (The Chineese people) - Christy Bloemendale
I'm Like a Bird (Nellie Furtado)- Ben Shingler
I feel Good (LIttle Richie)- Gosia Szok
Try to Walk Away (Macey Grey)- Jordan Thompson
Fhwquhwaghads (Strong Bad) - Karmyn Bokma
King of Majesty (Hillsong) - Jimmy Bender
Anything by David Crowder - Chris Pot
Hanging Tough/Five Times - The Possee
Wouldn't that Be Something (Five Iron Frenzy) - Nathan Stretch
Since You Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) - Sara Beth Fava
Things that make me unhappy:

1.) The sound of scratching, panting and whining from in heat dogs.

2.) Coughing my brains out (perhaps it is gallopping consumption??)

3.) One word... Phlem

4.) -20 degree weather

5.) Pain in my foot.

Things that do make me happy

1.) Puppies

2.) Building up my immune system so I am healthy the rest of the year

3.) uhh... there is nothing positive about Phlem

4.) My dad starting my car and warming it up for me at 7am this morning.

5.) uhhh.. nothing positive about pain in my foot.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Moral Question

I really like Welches Grape Juice.

BUT I never ever drink it because it is what we use for Comunion Wine. I mean come on! It represents Jesus' blood, I shouldn't enjoy the taste. But I REALLY like it a lot.

We had comunion on Sunday.

There is a jug of juice left over in the fridge here at work.

I'm drinking it right now.

Does that make me a bad person? I mean it's just going to sit there, and it's not like its been blessed - or even put in the ridiculous little cups!

Introducing .... My Car

Well when Cheyenne (my car that I loved) died in Nebraska on my way here to Beautiful British Columbia, I knew that I would have to get a new car. So I decided to get a *NEW* car. It's taken a while for me to grow attached to it - I loved Cheyenne. But now that the new car has a name I feel like the love between us will grow.

And so, here is me and Fee-B. (as in Phoebe)

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Things that makes my car unique.

1.) A tiger-tail rear-view mirror accessory. Used as a calmer-downer (just rub in a downward motion), a microphone (hello Kelly Clarkson), a duster.
2.) Snowboard air fresh-ner (because I am a pro snowboarder now).
3.) A very nice black steering wheel cover with purple and pink hearts.
4.) Not one, but TWO emergency kits. One for the car. One if I get stuck in an avalanche. I've used it twice. Not for avalanches though.... I broke it out for a sleepover. I needed PJ's and we were craving rice-krispie treats.
5.) 4 Poppies still pinned to the roof from Remembrance Day.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm a CowGirl Baby

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Getting Warm and Colorful

I'm cold
I love winter but right now I miss summer. Here are some colourful and warm memories.

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I love this picture from July. Dad took 'his girls' to... the middle of nowhere to some random ranch and we spend the afternoon on the back of his truck being silly, laughing, and driving all around the interior of BC where there were literally NO people. So warm, so colourful, so nice.

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Remember when Andy, Rob J and Steven came over? I sure do.

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Oh Mark Sinke. Please come visit again.

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