Tuesday, June 26, 2007

During my many hours on the road each week it is not uncommon for me to see any variety of home made signs. Signs on overpasses, poles, or hanging from bridges. Usually they are just birthday wishes to somebody, or a memorial of someone who died. But today, I saw one that made me smile.

Driving to work, hanging off one of the bluffs by the river was a large sign painted on a bed sheet. It simply stated to the world "You are beautiful"

It made me smile. And it made me appreciate the people who had made the effort, to make someone smile today on their drive to work.

Monday, June 25, 2007

People I need more of in my life.

Here is a non - exhaustive list of people that I flat out, need more of, in my life. Also known as people I miss. Or people I would like to hang out with for an afternoon.

Karmyn Bokma. Mikey Arce. Laura Stewart. Rob Joustra. Steven Gelensey. Mark Sinke. Rebekah Fluit. Rebekah, Daniela, Samuel, Amy, Abby, HyoBin, Joel, Cameron. Aura Opris, Aimee Ridley, Whitney and Luke, Deborah Sedjo, Costin Keenan, Marian Christian Comax, Kari Glennan, The Mathers, Jenn Lipp, David Akim. Kim Furtney. Matt McKenna. Nathan Stretch. Hayley Morgan and wee Aven. Linda, Shawn, Natalie and Avery. Jill, Greg, Paul, Aunt Chris and Uncle Steve. Aunt Dianne. Uncle Bill and Aunt Amy, Uncle Henry and Aunt Lieda, Aunt Dianne and Aunt Marg, Chief Christy, Sara-Beth Fava. Ben Shingler, Spencer LeBlanc, Jackie Thompson, Gosia Szok, Gosia Szok, Gosia Szok, Bethany Sartorious, my Granny.

AND just so you all know. I do miss you and think about you, and you all impacted my life at some point in time and in some great way.

10 months later

So school is winding down - only two more days and then it is summer vacation and I have been noticing how well I have gotten to know my students over the last ten months - and them me. They think they are SO clever and it always makes me smirk just a little bit on the inside. I know that when one student thinks the work is too hard, he will refuse to do it. I know that another one needs constant affirmation about the trivialest things, I know that another student thinks she is smarter than the rest of the class, but really isn't. I know that almost all of them have no concept of "Miss. G and Mrs. Huckulak are the authority in the classroom" They all will do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. It gets tiring.

The students know how to soften me up when I am frustrated with them. They know that when I get really frustrated and either talk too loudly in anger, or too softly in exasperation that I have reached my wits end and am going 'bonkers'. They will sweetly put up their hand and say things like:

"Miss. Gerrits, you look pretty today"
"Miss. G, I like your shirt. It is nice"
"Mrs. Gerrupps, You are the best teacher ever!"
and my favourite from today:
"Miss G, I changed my mind today. You are my favouritest teacher ever now!"

Thanks very much. That means alot from someone who has had all of two other teachers in their life. And you still have a detention for hitting your desk partner.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Offical Countdown

2.5 days with students
4. days in school
5. days till staff brunch and staff fancy dinner and I get to wear my new dress.
7. days till I move in with Tiersa into the sweetest apartment ever named and forever referred to as S-Club 2.
9. days till VBS starts
12. days till VBS is done
17. days till the Ontario Gerrits' start filtering into BC
23. days till vacation
26. days till Gerrits Family Reunion BC style.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

funny is better

Here's my thoughts of the day.

What is better? A funny boyfriend/girlfriend or a nice-gentle boyfriend/girlfriend?

Here is my theory.

The nice-gentle significant other:
Will be nice and gentle till you die at say 70.

The funny significant other
Will make you laugh your butt off for yeeears. AND we all know that laughing add years onto your life. So you live - with laughter and - to be like 116. SO the little skills the funny partner has in being gentle and nice, will actually equal, over time, the hard core skills of person number one just spread out over more years.

Yeah? Thats what I think. Funny is better.

big beetle.

Today I saw a BIG BIG BIG beetle. It was amazingly huge. Seriously, like something out of the rainforests in National Geographic.

Vanessa's reaction when I showed her:

"Holy Cow! Thats a cross between a beetle and a turtle!"

Yes, it was that big.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ok. I'm blogging more.
Seriously People. Facebook has taken over my life.

But I'll post something.

By. N. Gerrits
On the weekend I
went camping with my good friends
It rained the whole time.

Fun Parts Of Camping:

  • Everyone getting their native names. I was originally Crafts on Clouds. Which very quickly deteriorated to Craps on Clouds. Quite Funny.
  • Campfires. (People who can build campfires in the rain are cool)
  • Playing this game called 'Things' where you write down THINGS you shouldn't say to your grandma, THINGS not to say on a first date (will you scratch my bum) THINGS not to say when proposing (I looove you man, whats your name again?) etc. In the pouring rain, but fun.
  • Fantastic supper on Saturday. Full course meal.
  • Tinfoil Square Ball. (resourceful use of leftover tinfoil a stick, a small campsite and similar baseball rules)
  • Napping.
  • Nature.
  • Showers and real bathrooms this time!
  • Lauging A LOT. My friends are funny.

Not fun Parts of Camping
  • Getting lost. Which made me lividly angry
  • Rain Rain Rain.
  • KNOWING that I shouldn't drink hot beverages before bed because it makes me pee, and doing it anyways. SO having to get up in the middle of the night to drive to the bathroom in the rain when it was 5 degrees. BUT I did sit in my car with the heat on for 10 min which helped with the most freezingest I have ever been.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Reasons why I don't like rain.

1. Wet Feet
2. Wet pant legs
3. dirt on the back of your pant legs from walking in the rain
4. FUZZY hair
5. Arthritis

I like Kamloops. We only get 20cm of rain every year. I think we got 18cm of it today. ON MY FIELD TRIP.