Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Booty-Not-Liscious (aka 70)

I feel kinda hypocritical right now, because honestly, I'm sitting here on the couch eating a chocolate bar as I write this blog about loosing 70 pounds. But then I think, "Hey, Nikki, you just lost SEVENTY pounds! Eat a chocolate bar! Just don't eat 12..."
Quick recap: Here is me before: Well over 200lbs.


Here is me now, at a foxy 148lbs!
I thought I'd do some research to see how much 70lbs is the equivalent to, just to put it into perspective for myself and for you. 70 is just a number, but after all my work, it is a big deal that means a lot to me. So, here is a list of things that weigh 70 lbs.

- An 11 year old boy
- $34019 in one dollar bills
- 80 cans of beer
- 175 apples
- 2.25 cinder blocks
 - 5 bicycles
- 300 kittens or sticks of butter
- 50 bibles (the big 'ol KJV version, not the ap)
- A husky dog
- 4 blood hounds
- 3.5 tires
- 3 two year olds

FYI, I'm not at my goal yet, so close, so close. And when I get there, I will TOTALLY do the skinny-Nikki posing in her fat pants cheesy photo. I'm excited about that picture!

Be inspired my friends, it is possible!

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jimmy bender said...

This is amazing Nikki! Congrats!