Friday, May 09, 2014

An eyebrow story. (It's funny, I promise)

Last day at "work". I put it in quotation marks because although I am physically at work, there is no work to do, so I'm pretty much building up some Pinterest boards and stalking people on facebook.  I was asking my friend what I should blog about and she gave me a list of uninspiring ideas. I told her I'd think about them while I got my eyebrows waxed, "maybe there is a story in that" I jokingly texted back.

And while I was laying there painfully getting hair ripped out of my face, I realized that there WAS a story in eyebrow waxing.

Let us go back a few years. My sisters and I are in our hay-day of living together. Fun times all the time. We are shopping one day and Bethany comes across a do-it-yourself waxing kit. She decides that spending $9.99 on seemingly never ending waxings is way more cost efficient than paying someone ten bucks every time she wants her eyebrows waxed. I agreed.

Yay us for being so frugal!

This is my friend Hayley's eye. She has perfect eyebrows and
NEVER has to wax/pluck/thread them.
Luckily we didn't learn the hard way that sometimes it is worth it to pay money to have professionals do things for you. Our youngest sister Vanessa however, was the one who learned that (literally) painful lesson.

After giving Bethany a semi-not-sucky eyebrow waxing, Vanessa decided that she would trust me to wax her eyebrows as well.

Eyebrow one: Check. Beautiful. "It looks so good Vanessa! Really, I'm impressed with myself. This kit was totally worth it."

Eyebrow two: Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have been so cocky. I didn't say anything. Just sort of had that panicked look in my eye. Vanessa asked me what happened. "Oh, well the good news is that your one eyebrow still looks really great... The bad news.... well... ahem.... you might now have... uh... three eyebrows?"

My bad.

And while it was really really really hilarious, I did feel bad. But on the good side, Vanessa got bangs and learned a new way to style her hair. 

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