Monday, June 25, 2012

Misc. Items

I thought I should blog right now because goodness knows when I will get a chance again. I'm leaving Wednesday for my paid vacation back in time in Barkerville. I guess "technically" it's not vacation time, because I am working, but I enjoy it so much that it really is like a break for me.

Here's my misc. list for today.

1. Go to work. No work to do because I'm super efficient. And also, I didn't want to do anything extra because dagnabit school is over and the thought of planning another lesson or decorating another bulletin board makes me throw up in my mouth a bit. So I looked at ideas for next year on Pinterest for a while, then I planned the workshop I'm leading at the Western Canada Association of Christian Schools International Convention. Then I cleaned out the staffroom.

2. Library. Since internet in Wells/Barkerville is spotty at best, and cable is a new fangled notion that has yet to make it to the backwoods mountains where I will be living, I decided to take this summer to read. I found a list of 30 books everyone should read before they turn 30. I've read about 20 of them, so I feel that I'm doing good, goal 2/3 accomplished already and I haven't even cracked a spine! I had to go to 2 libraries to find the rest of the books on my list.

3. Deliver random items to people. Cupcake holders, art work, a dressmakers doll. The usual stuff people have chilling in their trunk.

4. Look unsuccessfully all over Kamloops for non-absorbent foam. I got a Kayak last week (ohhh - that's another good blog topic). It was suggested that I get some non-absorbent foam to put in the tips of it just for extra buoyancy and stability. There is not one place in town that sells what I'm looking for. Three people (including my dad, who has never kayaked, the guy at Surplus Herbies who was semi-knowledgeable, and a friend who is outdoorsy and pretty much runs Banff) suggested spray foam. So I got some. Problem: Long kayak, short arms. I have a pile or spray foam - yellow and piled up  like a dog turd about halfway down the nose of my kayak. Fail.

5. Refresh the i-pod. Downloading songs = fun, trying to sync my ipod = not fun. It was giving me crazy problems tonight. I am irritated.

6. Put away the bags of random school junk that had accummulated in my bedroom. And by 'put away' you know I actually mean 'stash in a closet.'

7. Start packing all the random things I need for the summer. I originally planned to only bring clothes - because last year I brought copious amounts of 'stuff'. Yeah... not going to happen. I already have 2 hockey bags full off 'stuff'. Haven't even started on the clothes yet.

8. Pay bills and rent.

I feel like I got quite a bit done this evening. I deserve my sleep tonight so I can finish off my list tomorrow and spend my last night in town with my family. Or part of if anyways since Mom is in Ontario, Bethany is in Cambodia, and Vanessa is working. So really just Me, Dad, Esther and the dog. Meh. At least it's the better more cuddly half of the family.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


I just felt SO incredibly clever today! Like I had totally cheated, even though I didn't really, and that I was so much smarter than a hundred other people in Kamloops.

The situation:

Vanessa and I wanted to grab Wendy's for lunch today (Baja salad = my favourite ever). But as we drove into the parking lot it was as if every single family in Kamloops decided to eat Wendy's for lunch at the same time, at the same location. The parking lot was packed and as we drove around to the back looking for a parking spot we noticed that the line inside was ridiculously long.

But you know what line wasn't long?

The drive through. So in less than 2 minutes we had ordered and had our meals. And just as we paid a parking spot opened up right by the door. So we parked, grabbed our food, took it inside, sat down, ate, and laughed at all the people who were waiting in the really long line.