Monday, August 26, 2013

It Was A Blue One

One of the benefits of having... ahem... 'friends' (ok, I'll be honest, he's no 'friend'), is that for the sake of our, uhhh... 'friendship' I get to pick up a new hobby. You know, so we have something fun to do together.

In all honesty, learning how to dirt bike has been on my bucket list for about 6 years now, and having someone who is more than willing to teach me his favourite thing to do, with only hugs and kisses required for payment was super handy.

I'm not going to lie,
my first day riding sucked.
SO much.

My "Friend"
Maybe it's because I'm a teacher and apparently teachers make the worst students. But I 

Oh, I got started a couple of times (like actually a couple of times), but most of the afternoon was me stalling, or moving one foot before stalling. And then after I did that, I would stall. I was having major problems. And it sucked. Because dirt biking is something that I wanted to learn to do, and want to be able to do well. And everyone knows that you can learn to ride a bike in one day right? Right?


So at the end of the day I sent Arron back on the bike, and I threw myself a little pity-cry party in the car before meeting him back in town.

But today was a new day.

And fun fact that I didn't know yesterday, the gears go 5,4,3,2,N,1 NOT 1,N,2,3,4,5. So I realized that my frustration about not being able to start in first gear was me being in FIFTH GEAR all afternoon!!! Laugh at me. Do it. I'm fine with it. Because today I was awesome.

So awesome in fact that not only can I start and stop whenever I want (without stalling, holla!), I can also go into second gear! Yeah baby! And then, when I'm feeling really crazy, I can go back down into first! And then go back into second. Hells yeah!

After practicing starting and stopping and going from first to second gear in an open field for an hour, we braved a trail. With hills! And gravel! And rocks! And sand! It was craaaaaziness! We ended up in a pond/swamp/gravel pit and played around for the rest of the afternoon.

We took some video's, I was feeling so awesome, and then I watched the video. Not gonna lie, I totally know that I look like a little handicapped kid on a wee little bike. But I am so proud of myself! Second gear, going up a steep hill, so rockin' awesome. I also might have screamed sometimes going down the hill, but whatever, I did it. And I only fell off my bike once - which by the way, is on video. It's a pretty girlie fall, but it's still a fall. :)

(For those of you who are curious about the bike I was driving. It was a blue one. Hahahah. Ok, it was a YZ80 2 stroke. I don't know what the means. It was blue and cute).


 (This is Arron almost loosing it when he hit a big mud hole, but recovering quite nicely)

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