Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Things That Make My Fiancee Sad

This is my fiancee being happy.
Unlike the other night when he was sad.
The other night I was happily laying in my bed almost asleep when I got a text from my wonderful Fiancee.

The text was : "Sometimes E-Bay makes me sad."

This surprised me. Because I know for a fact that Arron LOVES E-bay. Loves it like I love Dr. Quinn. I mean I could live with out it, but why would I want to? Same with his love of E-Bay. Living in a small town makes shopping difficult and so we buy a lot of things we need or want online just because of the remoteness/lack-of-all-stores in this town. Plus E-bay has amazing things and amazing deals!

So I was surprised when he was so disappointed and sad about E-bay. I naturally asked why. 

Turns out Arron was looking to buy some motorcycle gear, specifically leather pants. He typed in "Leather Chaps" and was rewarded with slightly traumatizing photos of "black, bum-less (only it didn't say bum), gay, leather, chaps" 

Arron was gracious enough to send me the exact photo that came up.
I will spare you the image though, because I (unlike Arron) care what you view before bedtime.

Moral of the story: be very specific with your search words when looking for things online. 

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Linda K. Branton said...

Oh, um, well that is disturbing.